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National events
  • Event:    The 32nd Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists 2013
    Venue:    Karachi
    Organizer:    Dr Manzoor Mamon
  • Event:    The 33rd Annual Conference of Pakistan Association of Dermatologists 2014
    Venue:    Faisalabad
    Organizer:    Prof Shahid Javaid

International events of 2013
  • ICAD-2013, International Congress in Aesthetic Dermatology, Jan 24, Bangkok, Thailand.
  • 71st Annual meeting of American Academy of Dermatology, March 1-5, Miami Beach, USA.
  • 7th Jeddah Dermatology Conference, 1-4 April, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  • 11th Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress, April 4, New Orleans, USA.
  • Dubai World Derma & Laser Conference, 16-18 April, Dubai, UAE.
  • 23rd World Congress of Dermatology, 8-13 June, Vancouver, Canada.
  • 9th World Congress of Cosmetic Dermatology, June 27, Athens, Greece.
  • 12th World Congress on Paediatric Dermatology, 25-27 Sep, Madrid, Spain.
  • XI- International Congress of Dermatology, 4-7 Dec, New Delhi, India.
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